TRUST. When was the last time you really trusted someone? With your money? With your heart? With your future? We are constantly being bombarded with reports in the media about crooked politicians, adulterous celebrities, corrupt CEOs, and other assorted breaches of trust. Virtually every institution in our society has been tarnished recently by scandalous behavior and ethical violations, so why should things be any different in the staffing industry?

How many candidates have been misled, ignored, exploited, or pressured into accepting a position that was in the best interest of the staffing agency representing them instead of their own? Too many…

How many hiring managers have been victimized by poor customer service, gouged by unreasonable rates, or frustrated by staffing agencies that will jam a square peg in a round hole just to make a placement? Too many…

Is there any wonder why the staffing industry has such a poor reputation? There is a better way of doing business. There is a better way to live! By committing to a consistent practice of radical transparency with both candidates and hiring managers, we can inject trust back into the staffing model and empower people to maximize their potential.

What makes a business grow

COMMITMENT. What makes a marriage work? What makes a business grow? What allows an athlete to complete a triathlon? What separates champions from the rest of the pack? Commitment!

At The Goshen Group, we understand that making a commitment to both the candidates and the hiring managers we work with is the best way to transform them into consultants and clients. Without placing equal value on the best interest of both, the relationship will be unbalanced and doomed to fail. This is not a new concept, but it is rarely practiced.

The Goshen Group is 100% committed to discovering everything we can about our consultants and clients from the very beginning, and growing with them throughout the course of a long and healthy relationship. The strategy of any staffing agency is return business, and the only way to ensure that both our clients and consultants will want to work with us again and again, is to commit to matching the right consultant with the right client every time.

unparalleled service

SERVICE. The Goshen Group prides itself on providing outstanding, unparalleled service – the kind of service that you can rely on today, tomorrow, always. Customer service has become cliché over the years, but at The Goshen Group we take those two words very seriously. Whether you are a hiring manager in need of a critical technical resource, or a candidate seeking a great, new opportunity, the customer is YOU, and we aim to please!

The Goshen Group was built on four cornerstones of Customer Service:

  • Work Ethic – Our clients and consultants will always get our maximum effort. Always.
  • Accuracy – We place as much emphasis on learning about our client’s work environment and corporate culture as we do their technology platform. We also feel that assessing a consultant’s career ambitions are just as important as evaluating their technical aptitude and communication skills. Only by doing our due diligence for both parties can we ensure a great match the first time, every time.
  • Integrity – We will never compromise our morals or ethics to increase profits. Never.
  • Dependability – We are always there for our clients and consultants. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. We dare you to try to catch us napping!

At The Goshen Group, we specialize in matching high-quality individuals with dynamic companies, simultaneously increasing career growth for our candidates and return on investment for our clients. We value our clients and consultants equally. Without harmonious relationships with both, The Goshen Group cannot exist.