Do you need a new staffing partner? A true partner cares as much about your business as they do their own.

Making bad hiring decisions can have devastating effects on your productivity and budget. Bad hires are even more frustrating when they could have been avoided by proper screening methods. It's easy to find candidates who look good on paper, which is why our screening process goes much deeper. We want to work with people, not paper. 

The Goshen Group meets with everyone we do business with – that includes clients and candidates. We feel that is the best way to build relationships and the only way to do business. In addition to an initial recruiter screening, candidates undergo an in-person interview and technical evaluation before being submitted to our clients. We also conduct reference checks, criminal background investigations and drug tests. By investing the time and effort to understand your company's values, technical requirements, and corporate culture, we are able to maximize our efficiency and provide you with a select number of exceptional, well-matched candidates. 


At The Goshen Group, we don't cut corners. We do everything possible to provide our clients with low-risk/high reward resources each and every time. We are so diligent in our efforts to get the job done right, that we offer a 40-hour guarantee on all of our contractors and a 90-day guarantee on all permanent placements. If they aren't the perfect match, we won't bill you. It's as simple as that.

To learn how The Goshen Group can assist you, please contact us at info@goshengroupllc.com. Let's grow together!